Why Sheeni Company and Chinese ceramics ?

Our company outweigh the quality of the work crews bathrooms - and Ceramic Tiles - Ceramics and walls - vases of hotels in all shapes and innovative Charismatic

General Company for Ceramic & Porcelain, a subsidiary of General Authority for Investment, Arab Republic of Egypt companies The company's activity is limited to the production of a wide variety of products including tableware made of porcelain sanitary ware (baths) and ceramic floor and wall Paljlaz The company also grinds raw materials and sell them to non-crews. Our factories are located and management Street area Mostorod oil companies Qaliubiya on an area of ​​152 thousand square meters The company has three factories within its walls: The first factory For the production of ceramic Paljlaz for walls and floors, ministries and sizes and different production capacity of 7 million square meters per year (Ceramic Marseille), which have proven laboratory tests in Egypt and abroad that it is the finest ceramic currently in terms of toughness and durability and resistance to friction and land are exported 30% of it to more than a dozen Arab countries and African. Second factory. Sanitary ware factory (bathrooms) kits which results in the bathroom crews Plain colors and patterned and produces a vocabulary of Sils (Municipal Qaeda) and urinals, sinks various sizes and crews accessory production capacity of 9 thousand tons are exported 50% of them. Third factory: Housewares fallow factory Celine and produces tableware crews in various forms to the homes also produces porcelain crews major hotels in Egypt and abroad and tourist villages famous for the company's products from tableware crews durability and endurance that does not affect the metal where the tools during food are also produced vases and artifacts in this plant are also exported 10% produced by this plant for some European countries.

Our Products

We have the experience and modern technologies in the work of our products and a high level of expertise of more than 60 years and we have a team at the highest level of expertise that qualifies him for the work of all the different formats, whether in ceramics or Albrooslin


Vases and dishes forms innovative and attractive homes, offices, hotels

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home, which gives a beautiful shape inside the house Eogod many forms

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healthy tools

Sanitary Ware, innovative and high quality in the manufacturing and Eogod many colors to suit all types of ceramics

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Ceramic walls and floors

Heny company offer formed large Ceramic Tiles and given to a company or a house or hotel attractive and ergonomic shape

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Ceramic Floors

Ceramic floors in many shapes and new colors that give elegance and elegance to the home

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Dishes hotels

Our company's progress and dishes Vases Grand Hotel New Stylish which lead to taking a good impression of the hotel

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Inquiries and assistance

To inquire about anything you want us or help us a call on these numbers(202)22502510  As we have in large Frra we can help you in anything you need in the world of ceramics and Albrooslin In order to call the branches of the company